Utilizing Wisdom to Grow Your Business Success

Today we live in what is known as the information age. And indeed, it is easier than ever to access information on virtually any subject. There are more seminars, more books, more lectures, more videos. Whatever the topic is, there is information out there that you can access. And there is no question that more people are more knowledgeable than ever before.

But have you ever thought about the fact that having knowledge does not automatically mean that you have the wisdom to use that knowledge proper

Consider the knowledge of the atomic bomb.

The scientists had the information and knowledge necessary to create it, and make it work, but in the process they created the potential for mankind to destroy itself.

It is one thing to have knowledge, it is another thing entirely to use that knowledge to achieve the best possible results. Knowledge may be power, but wisdom is the power to use knowledge wisely to insure that the result desired is the result actually achieved.

Real estate investing is not quite as big an issue as the atomic bomb, but the same dilemma applies in both cases.

Can you use the knowledge you possess about real estate to establish financial independence for yourself and your family? Or will you use your knowledge of real estate to put yourself into foreclosure and possibly bankruptcy?

Today’s high foreclosure rates, mortgage company business failures, mortgage securities losses, and much of the recent stock market losses can all be traced back to the same root cause – knowledge without wisdom.

There are millions of home buyers out there who made poor buying and financing decisions. There are tens of thousands of mortgage originators out of work today because of bad lending decisions, there are banks and investors all over the world losing billions of dollars because of bad investing decisions.

All of these groups possessed knowledge concerning what they were doing. But most of this housing market melt-down would not have occurred if their knowledge had been tempered by wisdom.

Wisdom goes beyond the basic knowledge that occupies our minds, and asks “Does this decision really make good sense?” “If I do this particular thing, what will be the real outcome?”

Our decisions cannot be viewed strictly through the lens of our head knowledge. Decisions, especially big ones, like buying houses or investing money into a real estate development are decisions that must be made not just by knowledge of the situation, but through the filter of wisdom.

Wisdom includes several key items that stand uniquely alone in their ability to help us make better personal and business decisions.

If we take the time to be “wise” we will consider our decisions in light of certain specific things that make up what we refer to as “wisdom”.

First is “Truth”. The ability to see the truth for what it really is. The truth is the truth, regardless of what you believe is true.

Most buyers would never have signed for sub-prime mortgages unless they believed that they would be able to make those payments. But their beliefs did not line up with the real truth. Their decision was emotional and was a rationalization, not a gut-level assessment of the true financial situation that would result from their decision.

The real truth was that most buyers simply would not be able to make those payments after they escalated to their full principal and interest amount two years after the mortgage was signed. The buyer had knowledge that the mortgage payment would go up, but heck, that was two years away. Many simply did not consider the “truth” about their personal financial situation.

It was easy to believe that the higher payments would not be a problem when the time came. But alas, the belief did not line up with what the actual truth was. Now the truth is, millions of buyers can’t make those payments. And for them, it will be equally true to state that their finances and credit will be ruined for a long, long time.

The first step in making right investing decisions with the benefit of knowledge AND wisdom is to apply the “truth” test to the decision before you commit to anything.

We can only be effective and profitable investors if we view our investing decisions through the clear lens of truth, and not just let our emotions rule our actions.

We must be willing to set aside our emotions and examine our decisions carefully. Once a commitment is made, especially where a real estate investment is involved, there is usually no going back.

Take the time to examine your business and personal decisions to see what the “truth” really is, and whether this decision is truly likely to provide the results you want to achieve. Only then can you make wise decisions that will allow you to grow and prosper for a lifetime. ***

Home-Based Business Success

The world is open to the Internet business today. Many consumers are surprised by the number of legitimate money-making opportunities available. There are countless opportunities to pursue a home-based business for extra income or even get rich. Current prospects go beyond the traditional schemes. Many current home-based business networks have been in practice for years and have established histories.

Technology has urged major changes in American commerce. The usability and security of the Internet has made it possible for more consumers to take the plunge and start a home-based business. An Internet business requires little investment of time or money to start.

A home-based business is the perfect opportunity for stay-at-home moms to earn money online. The Internet is the greatest equalizer in the corporate world. A mother who works from her home business has the same opportunity to reach an audience as a billion-dollar corporation. New and exciting online business opportunities develop on a daily basis.

There are many benefits when working from home. There are no concerns with arriving late. A home-based business allows the individual to focus on the work itself and not on the problems of physically going to work. Common problems that once required time off do not interfere with work. There is no missed pay due to missed production. There are far fewer distractions when working at home. Meetings are conducted via teleconferencing through telephones or web cameras. Every individual has access to vital information.

A home-based business eliminates many concerns employees must deal with on a daily basis outside of the schedule. Common nuisances as workplace gossip, politics and the fear of workplace violence are eliminated with a home-based business. You set your own hours and modify your work schedule as needed. You are free to work without scrutiny from management or supervisors.

A work-at-home business is attainable today. Many consumers generate much extra income from online businesses. Rising costs of living have created a common unease that negatively affects many in the workplace. A secondary income opportunity can alleviate many of the financial pressures placed on consumers.

There are many opportunities to make money online that have eliminated the unsuccessful practices of the past. These online business opportunities do not involve multi-level marketing. There is no need to resort to cold calling. These Internet business systems do not require a continual stream of new sales leads.

This new generation of online business opportunities are automated. They sustain themselves while the Internet business owner invests only a few hours as needed. These programs involve websites and simple promotion. The consumer invests only what they wish to the program. An online business offers reduced overhead from the beginning. There are no worries of utilities, inspections, loans or other financial demands. The money saved can be used for a more important need. You can use the extra funds to promote your Internet business.

Online businesses have the luxury of time. Individuals can create an Internet home business and work both through their normal job. Many Internet business owners devote weekends to the Internet business. This scenario allows the owner a standard income and the secondary revenue from an Internet business.

The list of advantages can continue indefinitely. Many people have found more prosperity through their home-based business than they believed possible. Home business owners have much more than the convenience of setting their own hours and deciding the projects they want. A stable home business is a great step towards becoming self-sufficient.

Never a Bad Time to Invest Miami Real Estate

Is Miami Real Estate still an attractive investment? That lingers to any Miami-bound investors. It is some kind of a negative-positive effect to most people simply because it is a hot topic and everyone knows a hot topic creates different buzz from both parties. Miami is always a hotbed for real estate is it, condo, commercial or residential Miami is king. The market is always open like an ocean to investors and developers alike. It is never a secret and we are all aware. People will tend to ask is Miami real estate worth investing? Well with all the whirlwind going around, all the hurly burlies, Miami is still a fine place to invest real estate with. Never underestimate it for it offers so much the possibilities are just endless.

When investing in real estate is sure to know your way on it, especially in Miami. The alternatives are to have your savings in cash. However, because of inflation, the cash value will be worth much less next year and the year after and then you pay taxes on the CD rates. However, real estate still has outstanding tax benefits that you enjoy for now till US tax policies change. The more people think about what Miami real estate can offer the more critics will buzz like bees on its downside. Well numbers are always there and it doesn’t dictate the way you live your life. It is just guidelines and in my opinion thinking of it more tends to make you anxious on how to use your money in investing.

I know that it is always a business and in business everything matters, every detail is important and mostly in business numbers rule. They are king to the kingdom, so people who dubbed themselves as experts analyzes numbers and then move on as if nothing happens. They post numbers as it is a rule and people have to follow it for it and treat it as a guideline to their strategies. I beg to differ, if you really want a property a real estate for that matter, if the location is great, the environment suits you and you love the home, well forget about the forecast and go for it, after all it’s your family you are trying give them the best.

Miami Real Estate is a promising real estate market today. Do your homework upfront. Find unique opportunities and have the right team on your side. Remember, Real Estate is a long term investment. People will always have different take on things and believe me they will always give you their views and it can mislead you. The best tip I can give you is follow what you really want and invest on the Miami real estate that you will be most comfortable and will be most satisfied with.